About us

We are...

  • experts in web application development
  • professionals, delivering what you need, when you need it
  • team players, actively participating in a number of open source projects
  • perfectionists, as well as deadline driven pragmatists

We love...

  • challenges, for pushing us to improve
  • free and open source software, for saving us & our customers from vendor lock in
  • agile development practices, for delivering high quality software in time
  • Python and Python based frameworks (e.g. Plone, Django, Pyramid) for their elegance, power and flexibilty

We provide...

  • consulting services on IT and system security, to help you plan an effective IT stategy
  • research and development of web applications and all kinds of information systems
  • hosting and support on high end, secure servers and same day, 24/7, response

We collaborate...

  • carefully listening to what you have to say
  • researching and proposing the best solution for your case
  • appointing a manager who will be in regular communication with you during the project's lifecycle

Who we are

Chris Psaltis

Christos, a.k.a. cpsaltis, was born in 1981 with an urge to find out how things work. This urge drove him to take apart anything he could get a hold on, including his first PC.

In 1999 he moved to Athens to study Survey Engineering in the Technical University. There he was infected by the virus of academic research. This led him in 2006 to become a PhD student of photogrammetry and computer vision. During this period he also discovered Python.

In 2009 he has already worked as surveyor engineer, researcher and developer when he decided he was ready for something special. It took only a meeting in a quiet cafe in Athens for unweb.me to be formed. Since then he is happily managing projects and herding cats.

Dimitris Moraitis

Dimitris, a.k.a. dimo, was born in 1981. He started coding 7 years later because there weren't any good enough computer games for his Sinclair Spectrum ZX+, a serious problem someone had to solve. He kept building on those skills to solve problems of increasing importance.

In 1998 he moved to Athens to study computer science at the UoA. By 2000 he was developing massive web apps in C for an ISP. He spent a few years writing PHP untill 2004 when he bumped into Python and discovered how complex problems can have elegant solutions.

By 2009 he had worked as a software developer, engineer and project manager for several IT companies and non-profits worldwide, so it was time for something completely different. He co-founded unweb.me and has been happily solving problems since.

Markos Gogoulos

Markos, a.k.a. provetza, was born in 1982. After solving the dilemma philosophy or science, he studied computer science in the Aegean University. There he discovered the wonder world of free software and started contributing code and documentation in various projects.

Upon finishing his studies, he left for Ireland to work for SAP on network security. By 2007 he had decided he can't stand the cloudy weather and came back to Greece where he worked as a researcher in the Athens University of Economics and Business. There he created the Indywiki project, in his search for alternative and more intuitive ways of navigating wikipedia.

In 2009, he decided to pursue his dream of professionally producing free software and joined forces with the rest of the unweb.me crew.

Mike Muzurakis

Mike, a.k.a. clopy, was born in 1980. He started coding Basic at the age of 7, completely unaware of the fact that Windows 2.0 and Perl had just been released to the world. In fact, some say he is still completely unaware of their existence.

For the past 12 years he has been working as a freelance web developer. He has also worked 5 years in the Technical University of Athens developing e-learning software.

For the past years he has been coding in Python and Plone, usually alongside Dimitris, and together with Markos and Christos they started unweb.me in an attempt to take over the world.

Evi Psaltou

Evi was born in 1984. She is the youngest and the only girl in the team. She learned how to use a computer at a very small age only to play Golden Axe. Many years later a friend introduced her to Linux and the insuperable Clan Bomber.

In 2002 she moved to Athens to develop her talent in spending money by studying Business Administration at the Athens University of Economics and Business. After finishing her studies, she worked for 3 years in Komotini, Greece, administrating EU financed programs.

In 2010 she had a business proposition she could not refuse, so she joined unweb.me as a financial administrator.

Yiannis Chatzikonstantinou

Yiannis, a.k.a. yconst, was born in 1981. He's the newest member of the team. Primarily an architect, focuses on the application of computational methods to design fields such as architecture, building technology and industrial design, as well as the emergent integration of design and scientific disciplines that comes as a result of this process.

He is working as a researcher in TU Delft, Netherlands and collaborates with unweb.me on the design and creative coding side of things.