Plumi 3.1 video platform released

EngageMedia and are pleased to announce the new version of Plumi, free software video sharing platform built on Plone.

Online video is a major source of the “web 2.0” boom. Plumi aims to become a video platform allowing the easy upload, sharing and download of videos, without the disadvantages of big online platforms. No limit on video size exists, the quality of transcoded videos is configurable, the process of uploading a video is as easy as filling a form, and you can also use ftp to upload a video. Plumi is an ideal platform for independent media organizations, non-profits, but also anyone that wants to build a video site or community. a citizen journalism video portal based on Plumi

In Plumi, anyone can register an account and upload videos. The site's administrators, or anyone with reviewer rights, will decide if the video will be published, or not. If it is published, it appears on the main page, on the latest videos feed. The admin team might also grant a video the Featured state, and then this video will appear on the above place of the main page, as long as there is not a newer featured video!

Users might also publish News and Events, that need to be moderated too by the admin team before they get public. All content is tagged and categorized in genres, categories, keywords and country. It is easy to add/edit/remove these criteria, according to your portal needs, for example whether you're making an environmental or an e-learning portal. Lastly, you can comment on and rate videos.

Plumi publish form

Improvements in Plumi 3.1

The biggest change in Plumi 3.1 is the inclusion of that adds transcoding support for Plone video files, using collective.transcode.daemon as the transcoding framework. This replaces existing transcoding products used in Plumi and allows transcoding options to be easily edited, adds load balancing support and security between the transcoding server(s) and the Plone site. is a new Plone product that can easily be added to handle transcoding of video files in any Plone 3.x or 4.x site. The new transcoding product works out of the box with standard Plone Files, providing transcoding services to web friendly formats (mp4, ogv) when uploading video content. Additionally, a jpeg thumbnail is being extracted from the 5th second of the videos and a flowplayer viewlet pointing to the produced mp4 file will be displayed inside the IAboveContentBody viewlet manager when transcoding is complete.

All communication between and transcode.daemon is encrypted using symmetric encryption by the pycrypto module so that the transcode server(s) transcode videos sent by the Plone site only, preventing abuse by third parties. Also extra care has been taken to transcode videos in private state, typical scenario for a Plone site, when users upload a file, by using the same secure channel.

The first page of an out of the box Plumi portal

Other fixes and feature additions include:

  • proper listings for videos, based on publication date
  • valid RSS and RSS2 for latest-videos, featured-videos, videos per author
  • creation of a "featured" state in the workflow to allow easy addition of content on the first page
  • videos don't retranscode when editing metadata
  • design changes
  • Upgraded to the latest version of FlowPlayer
  • Translated the /publish page into Indonesian
  • Redesign the Callout template
  • Add ability to feature a call out
  • Add “processing” state to workflow with listing
  • Add callout portlet to right nav
  • Enlarge size of download links in video/view page
  • “Read more” link on featured news/events

Downloads and Development

Plumi 3.1 can be downloaded as a compressed tar file from or via SVN. A working version of the Plumi 3.1 can be viewed at .Feel free to experiment there and if you find any issues please report them via the Plumi Trac. If you’d like to get involved in Plumi development, make contact at #plumi or join the discussion or announcement lists. Plumi Manual is available on flossmanuals.