Plumi 4.0 video platform released

Plumi 4 is out, better and faster!

We are proud to announce the latest release of Plumi, version 4.0, the free software video sharing platform built on Plone. Plumi is a full featured CMS that enables the creation of video portals. Users can upload videos which will be automatically transcoded to web friendly formats for online viewing. Portal adm

inistrators may decide if a video will be published, featured on the front page, or rejected. Videos can also be uploaded through FTP, which is handy in case of big files. There are no restrictions regarding size/quality of the video.

Version 4.0

Plumi 4.0 is based on Plone 4.0, which is a lot faster compared to both previous Plone versions as well as most other popular content management systems.

Plumi 4.0 comes with 'batteries included'. Everything you need in order to set up a high traffic video portal is automatically installed by the production buildout. That includes up to 8 Zope instances, ZODB obect database on a ZEO setup, Haproxy load balancer, Varnish cache server, Transcode Daemon for video transcoding, PloneFTP for ftp uploads, NgInx web server and a Supervisor to manage all those processes.

Plumi 4.0 has less fat. Some of the less vital features of Plumi, like taxonomies and bookmarklets, have been factored out as optional components, in order to make Plumi more suitable for generic use cases.

A lot of bugs have been fixed since the previous release. The release candidate has been thoroughly tested on production at and is free of major issues.

Stay tuned with Plumi development. Coming versions will provide BitTorrent downloads, video analytics integration using Piwik, better support for mobile devices and much more.

More info

We know that you can't wait, so here's the link to the core package:

Plumi comes with 2 installation options. One for production environments, which configures caching, multiple load balanced zope instances, etc and a simpler one for testing/development. Check out the installation docs on doc/INSTALL.txt and enjoy!

For more info checkout the Plumi home page and the Plumi development site. is sponsoring Plumi developmentTesting and bug reporting is more than welcome. Let us know if you find any problems via the contact form, or the email list.