Plumi 4.3 video platform released

Featuring HTML5 video tag support with seamless flash fallback, WebM & MP4 transcoding, Universal Subtitles integration, 16:9 playback and more

EngageMedia and are proud to announce the latest release of Plumi, the free software video sharing platform built on Plone. Plumi is a full featured CMS that enables the creation of video portals. Users can upload videos which will be automatically transcoded to web friendly formats for online viewing. Videos can also be uploaded through FTP, which is handy in case of big files. There are no restrictions regarding size/quality of the video. Plumi supports distributed video sharing via BitTorrent, subtitle creation and display through Universal Subtitles.

Version 4.3

Plumi 4.3 focuses on web standards, providing HTML5 video tag support with seamless flash fallback using MediaElement.js. It supports 16:9 video, adds a video language field and provides downloading links for all transcoded video versions.

Plumi 4.3 provides on-line, user-generated subtitling support trough Universal Subtitles and comes with many bug fixes and improvements. The transcoding daemon is more stable than ever, and displays video transcoding progress to site managers.

For an exhaustive list of changes and bugfixes, you can visit the following changelogs:


More info

We know you can't wait, so here's the link to the core package:

There is also a live demo system at for a quick glance of the product.

Plumi comes with 2 installation options. One for production environments, which configures caching, multiple load balanced zope instances, etc and a simpler one for testing/development. Check out the installation docs on doc/INSTALL.txt and enjoy!

For more info checkout the Plumi home page and the Plumi development site. is sponsoring Plumi development. Testing and bug reporting is more than welcome. As always, let us know if you find any problems via the contact form, or the email list. You can submit bugs and track development progress on the Plumi trac.