Plumi 3.0 video platform released and EngageMedia proudly present Plumi 3.0, a free and open source video sharing software based on Plone.

The Plumi project started in 2007 by EngageMedia. Development was led by Andy Nicholson untill October 2009 (now in Infinite Recursion) and by Victor Rajewski untill January 2010. worked closely with the EngageMedia team during the Budapest Plone Video sprint last October where we developed Transcode Daemon, a new transcoding system for web applications which Victor started integrating in Plumi 3.0.

Since February 2010, has been leading the development of Plumi, which now ready for a final 3.0 release. and several other Plumi sites have already been migrated to Plumi 3.0 during the Archive Camp in central Java, Indonesia, where we were happy to participate and assist the local video and tech activists that have been using older versions of the software.

The new release brings many improvements in speed, functionality and usabiility. Check out the Plumi page on for a complete list of improvements. See plumi in action at Read the comprehensive Plumi Manual by Anna Helme.