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Teaching an learning science can be fun. Take a look at this repository and you can find out how.

As EU tries to transform its economy into one based on innovation and knowledge, science education plays an important role. However, why is that EU students perform bad in science related subjects? The answer has to do with traditional teaching and learning methods that take all the fun out of the subject.

Cosmos project, in the framework of the European e-ContentPlus programme, illustrates how you can attract student interest in science employing modern technologies. Its basic deliverable is a modern web portal, the Cosmos portal, which we developed in Drupal over a period of two years from 2007 to 2009. The portal offers more than 80,000 singular educational objects and about 250 organized learning activities according to well accepted pedagogical methodologies. All objects are compatible with science teaching curricula across Europe and are tagged with appropriate educational metadata (IEEE LOM standard). Furthermore it integrates with Second Life, mobile devices, multimedia streaming services and provides a multitude of educational tools.

Learn more about the project from its official site and watch video interviews of key participants here (in Greek).

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