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European Social Forum 2008 - official event website & registration system. People from around the world, met in Malmö, Sweden, to sketch the Europe of their dreams.

Unweb.me has created the website for the European Social Forum. The solution is based on Plone and contains several custom made products that accomplish the tasks required by such an event. The website can handle multilingual content, registration payment fees via credit card or paypal for individuals, organisations, stalls and activities, merge activities, construct and present the final program, receive feedback and publish specific outcomes of the event.

The organisers can export, import, edit assign additional registration data (e.g. timeslots), provide forms to volunteer and offer accomodation and manage the event's logistics directly through the website.

More than 1000 activity proposals were submitted through the website. They were merged down to 300 seminars, workshops & assemblies that took place in Malmö. The merging process was facilitated by special online tools. More than 800 registered organizations and many thousands of individuals were registered through the website for the event. The site had a traffic of more than 100.000 pageviews per day during the Forum.

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