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Another world was possible during the European Social Forum 2006 in Athens. We proudly engineered the central info hub for the event and devised efficient tools for its logistic needs.

The portal was used to distribute ongoing multilingual information about the event. It provided registration forms for individuals, organisations & media. Registration fees were paid online by credit card.

Registered organizations could submit activity proposals and similar proposals would be merged using specialized tools. The organizing comitee would then set additional data like timeslots and locations to finalize the merged proposals and add them to the event program.

Forms for volunteering and offering accomodation to foreign participants were also available. All data was exportable and re-importable by the organizers through the web.

The system was sucessfull, so we were asked to develop similar systems for the World Social Forum 2007 in Nairobi and the European Social Forum 2008 in Malmoe.

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