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Exchange live music experiences in the most lively music community of Greece.

Live Inspector is one of the most active and vivid music communities in Greece! A pet project of Unweb.me, provides a plethora of facilities in order to get informed about your favorite music events around the country. The philosophy of usage of these facilities is based on the idea of open community where each member can contribute,share and improve the content of the website.

The main features of Live Inspector include:

  • Photos, comments, videos, reviews: There is not actually a more lively way to get in touch with a culture event than having the people themselves to talk about it. Users are invited to express their opinion of what they saw, what they felt and what more they would like to have in an event. Additionally they can upload photos and videos in order to give a thorough picture of the event.In this way,Live Inspector Community can hear about the “honey farmers’ festival” in the tiny islands of Aegean Sea or the “Distillation festivals” in the isolated mountains of the north and why not visit them next year!
  • Calendar: it is an open calendar where the community provides information about the music events of every region of Greece.It is not limited in listing the upcoming events,but it is an open access database where any user can view the event’s details,like blogs, interviews,comments and photos uploaded by the community.
  • Saloni TV: a music web-channel. It is a powerful tool where the user becomes a reporter and s/he publishes music events,festivals,reviews and interviews of local artists or art movements.
  • Blogs: Users can maintain their own blog publishing their opinion about local or national music events,letting in this way all the community to hear the voice of people from distant rural areas.

Events listings featuring a calendar

An artist page

Saloni TV web channel

Technical Stuff

Live Inspector is entirely built on Django and Python, with MySQL as a database. It supports multilingual content, although it is only in Greek for the time being. A lot of customizations have taken place on common Django's applications (e.g. comments, users, registration) and others have been developed. We are planning to release Live Inspector's code as free software in the near future, because we believe music and in general events'  sites may benefit from this.

On the frontend side, Javascript has been used to provide an enhanced user experience, so crucial for a musical/artistic portal. Open Source SmoothGallery is extensively used to provide nice slideshows, TinyMce editor for the bloggers to add rich descriptions and texts, and Highslide JS as a beautiful thumbnail viewer.

Maintaining an open publishing system where users may add events, descriptions, comments, reviews, photos and videos, and keeping away the bad guys (spammers, intruders, trolls) is a difficult task. The more open your site is to user input, maintenance  becomes an arduous task.
Live Inspector has been developed from the ground up focusing on maintaining security and availability of the platform, without decreasing the user's freedom while participating to the community. Several examples of this:

  • Policies to keep out a user exist if they are spamming with many comments, using bad words or try to alter the portal's content. Memcaching technology allows us to control what is being inserted on the database, quantity speaking.
  • Bad content can be reported by users, speeding up the process of the administrator's spotting invalid information, spam and verbal attacks. On an open platform with the potential of thousands of users and artists adding content per day, the administration team cannot continually validate all content, so there is always the chance of invalid information being added, such as wrong event details. Users have the chance to press a button, write a sentence and thus inform the admins that something is going wrong.

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