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A suite of modules that provide transcoding services to Plone sites

collective.transcode.* has been developed to provide transcoding services to web friendly formats (mp4, ogv) when uploading video content on Plone. It works out of the box with standard Plone Files and can be easily configured through the Plone Control Panel to work with any custom AT content type, as long as there is a File field in the schema. Quality and dimensions of the transcoded videos can be configured to your needs.

The suite is comprised by two modules collective.transcode.star and collective.transcode.daemon.

All communication between transcode.star and transcode.daemon is encrypted using symmetric encryption by the pycrypto module so that the transcode server(s) transcode videos sent by the Plone site only, preventing abuse by third parties. Also extra care has been taken to transcode videos in private state (typical senario for a Plone site, when users upload a file) by using the same secure channel.

Both the naming scheme and the basic design priciples were inspired by collective.blog.star. Namely:

  • Be modular. Not everyone wants everything your software has to offer.
  • Be flexible. Don't assume that people want to use your software in one way.
  • Be simplistic. If there is a simple way of doing it, do it that way.
  • Be Ploneish. Plone already has 90% of what we need built in. Use it.

These tools combined with collective.flowplayer, they can provide a complete and easy to setup video solution for a Plone site.

collective.transcode.* has been successfully integrated on Plumi video platform since version 3.1.

Project page, code and documentation can be found in Plone's product directory.

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