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A buildout recipe to configure an ftp proxy for Plone sites

unweb.recipe.ploneftp is a zc.buildout recipe for Plone sites that configures an ftp upload proxy with resume support in front of Zope's Medusa FTP server. Plone users can login using their username and password. When a file is succefully uploaded it is moved to the user's home folder in Plone.

The recipe supports the following options:

  • address

host and port to listen on. Defaults to port 21

  • zope_ftp_address

host and port of the zope ftp. Defaults to

  • path

path of the target folder in Zope. Defaults to /Plone/Members/%s where %s is the username

  • tmp_dir

temporary directory where files will be uploaded. Defaults to /tmp/PloneFTP

  • login_message

custom login message. Defaults to "Welcome to Plone FTP.

Your uploaded file may not be visible in FTP when the upload has finished.
Go to your Plone site member folder to see your file." logout_message custom logout message. Defaults to "Thanks for using Plone FTP!"

unweb.recipe.ploneftp is part of the Plumi platform and is used in many Plumi based sites (e.g. engagemedia.org) for large video file uploads.

More info about the package can be found in PyPi and in Plone's product directory.

Development takes place in Plone's SVN repository. The trunk will soon be moved to Github, so stay tuned.

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