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Support for adding watermarks to images in Plone

unweb.watermark lets you protect your high resolution images while publishing resized and watermarked versions. The original images will only be available to the owner and users with the "Licensee" local role.

Install it through the buildout system and go to the "Watermark settings" configuration panel to set a watermark image. Then upload your hi-res images normally. The default Plone workflow will be applied. Whenever you publish an image, the original file will be transfered to a protected image field and the watermarked and resize image will be displayed in the default image field. If you retract the image then the original file will replace the watermarked one. Can be used standalone or in combination with unweb.iptc.

Check out how the product looks on the website of Invision Images photo agency on invision-images.com.

More info about the package can be found in PyPi and in Plone's product directory.

Development takes place in Plone's SVN repository. The trunk will soon be moved to Github, so stay tuned.

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