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A prototype for labs.opengov.gr researching how modern web technologies can be used to protect marine ecosystems.

Exhaustive fishing can considerably harm biodiversity in marine ecosystems, bringing certain species to the brink of extinction. Acknowledging that danger, EU and national governments try to regulate fishing with a large set of rules. However, their complexity and lack of precise geographic reference make their enforcement almost impossible. Openfish.gr attempts to address this problem with the help of a web GIS for visualizing fishing regulations.

The workflow is simple yet effective. Through a friendly web interface the user specifies the type of fishing (amateur, coastal, open sea) and the properties of the fishing boat (type, size, additional equipment). The system queries a spatial database of national and EU fishing regulations and designates, on a map, regions where fishing is allowed.

The whole system was created using FOSS tools. It's core is based on the Django framework, the GIS extension, GeoDjango and PostGIS, the GIS enabled version of PostgreSQL. For the maps and input forms we used the Openlayers and jQuery libraries.

This functional prototype accompanied our proposal for the second phase of the labs.opengov.gr e-government initiative in 2010. It was voted by members of the community and the technical committee as one of the top three proposals and was presented live to a large audience.

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