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A traditional radio station goes live through the web and offers automatic archiving and playback of every show aired.

"Στο Κόκκινο" 105.5 FM is a popular Greek radio station which decided in 2009 to upgrade its web presence, acknowledging the possibilities offered by web radio platforms. The idea was to offer unique features both to dedicated listeners and its producers.

The system we created allows live broadcasting of the radio station's program, plus automatic registration, archiving and indexing of every program broadcasted. Each producer maintains a blog page, where they can describe their program, or add additional info. The solution is based on Plone CMS and can be extended to provide a plethora of interesting features, such as live commenting of broadcasts or the upload of broadcasts by users.

More details about the system were presented in OpenFest free software and technology festival in Athens. Check out the presentation here .

Link to the website...

The radio station's program page

The page of a show, the radio recordings ready to stream or download

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