Start your own social network

Setup your own community infrastructure, get in touch with people around the world and work together towards a common goal. Build a system that really suits your needs, manage everything freely and focus on what matters most for you.

The web is a new field of socialization, that enhances communication. Social media are a huge part of the global communication network. But despite the huge success of popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter) there are many cases that a custom built solution is better suited for your community, provides a unique atmosphere and gives you total control of your personal information.

Unweb can help you:

  • Build a framework for your community and provide collaboration tools (wiki, live chats, polls, etc) to your users
  • Build your own multimedia sharing portal with video and audio transcoding, ratings, comments, blogs, channels, etc.
  • Protect your users privacy by using secure software and fine grained access privileges
  • Maintain your community infrastructure

We have a lot of experience in building communities and can provide solutions matching your needs. We can help you design, develop and bootstrap your own social network community from the early beginnings phase to full scale deployment. Examples of custom communities we have created:

  •, an active community of people who inform each other and post reviews about the live music events in Greece.
  •, a place for collaboration and networking for the working groups of the World Social Forum. It provides communication and collaboration tools like wikis, blogs, mailing lists & task trackers.