Distribute video, audio & photo content

Share rich media content without technical restrictions and obstacles imposed by third party services. From a YouTube clone, to a web radio station or a photo agency portal you can distribute what you like, the way you like it.


Web video broadcasting is changing the way people get informed and entertained, steadily overthrowing the role of television. Video has become a first class citizen of the Web and modern browsers support video without the need of external plugins. Live video streaming tecnhology has gain more traction the last few years and is now popularly used to stream news and recreational content.

Unweb.me can help you:

  • Set up your own video portal complete with video transcoding, user groups, channels, favorites, ratings, html5 support and subtitling
  • Provide live streaming services and video archiving of events, conferences and concerts
  • Publish your videos in several popular formats taking advantage the full capabilities of each browser

Unweb.me has plenty of experience developing WebTV solutions. We develop the Plumi video sharing system that enables the creation of Youtube clone portals, and have been providing the technology for live coverage of several events in Athens, Greece, like all the press conferences and public meetings of the parliamentary party SYRIZA before the Greek National Elections and the Euro Elections of 2009.


Web media broadcasting is an important part of the Web, and is now a standard with traditional and internet based radio stations. From podcasts and audio on demand, to live streaming and archiving, web audio is steadily overthrowing other traditional audio sources.

Unweb can help you:

  • Create your brand new web radio station or improve the web presence of an existing FM radio station, based on unweb.radio solution and open source software
  • Provide live streaming of a radio station's program
  • Automatically record, archive and publish your live stream
  • Provide podcasts and audio on demand to your users
  • Create producer/program blogs that contain the automatic recordings and additional information
  • Build a web community with commenting and ratings of the radio shows
  • Allow the users to become producers, by allowing them to create and broadcast their own web radio programs.

An example of such a Web Radio system is www.stokokkino.gr, which is the greek "Στο Κόκκινο 105.5FM" radio station. The station has cut costs by streaming it's program through their dedicated adsl line, instead of utilizing commercial (and expensive) solutions. The portal is updated daily by the station's producers and users are able to listen to archived programs at any time.


Unweb.me offers solutions for a complete handling of photo media, that accomplish the tasks required by photo agencies or other organizations. The solutions include the resize of photos, automatic extraction of metadata and the addition of watermarks.

As an example, check out the website of Athens based Invision Images photo agency.