Document & workflow management

Get control over your documents and improve collaboration within your company. Clearly define the way everybody interacts with documents by assigning customized user roles, privileges, rules and workflows.

Every business today has digital documents that flow through some kind of work process. Improving the way this is done, increases productivity and efficiency, giving a clear competitive advantage.

Document and workflow management systems let you safely store all your files in a central repository and enable you to define how each user interacts with them. The editing history of each file is also saved so you can return to previous versions whenever needed. Users can edit and comment on changes. They can also get automatic notifications when somethings is updated. Such features ensure better communication and faster resolution of requests. The manager of the system can grant the desired level of access to each user by defining certain roles and privileges. As a next step rules and workflows can be applied, replicating the business policy of the company and assuring consistency. Most importantly, you can easily pin point problems in the whole procedure, allowing adaptivity and improvement. can help you:

  • Analyze your needs based on your existing procedures and infrastructure.
  • Develop custom solutions, to fit the system to your requirements and not the other way around.
  • Integrate with advanced search engines, because information has more value when it can be easily discovered.
  • Integrate with popular office applications and other available services (e.g. public website, intranet site, web services etc).
  • Employ advanced analytics tools, to analyze the behavior and the needs of your users.
  • Deploy the system to the most suitable platform, from a small dedicated server to a large cloud platform.
  • Training and technical support, to make the most out of using it. has experience in developing, deploying and supporting such systems in large organizations such as the National Tecnhical University of Athens.