IT security solutions

Protect business critical systems and sensitive data, emphasizing on security in every aspect of your operations. Plan your risk management strategy and be always prepared to deal with vulnerabilities and threats as soon as they come up.

In a modern company, most of the processes and data go through information systems which often have a large number of users with different levels of clearance. Considering that a potential system compromise may lead to lack of confidence from clients and large economic losses, security is a matter that must be dealt with seriously. A carefully planned risk management policy is the only solution to a growing number of security threats. Incorporating security measures in every aspect of business processes, from development to operation, can improve overall security level and effectively deal with most vulnerabilities and threats. can help you:

  • Determine your exposure to attacks, by performing thorough penetration tests with popular security tools plus our own custom developed ones.
  • Provide recommendations and guidelines for dealing with potential threats, both on system and operational level.
  • Take action to prevent security breaches, by hardening your systems and keeping them up-to-date with security fixes.
  • Constantly monitor your infrastructure to detect possible malicious actions as soon as they appear.
  • Perform source code auditing, to pin point possible problems.
  • Incorporate security features, in software developed by us or third parties. has solid understanding of all aspects of IT security (social engineering, physical and technical security) and has considerable experience consulting both public and private organizations.