Public e-services

Become more efficient and extrovert, with secure, user friendly systems that offer services to citizens, businesses and other public organizations in a reliable way. Avoid vendor lock in with Free & Open Source solutions.

The provision of services via the Internet provided by governments to citizens and businesses is a powerful tool for accelerating economic growth and social development. Public e-services provide transparency, ease of use and reduce bureaucracy. Citizen participation can be enhanced by providing an array of collaboration and decision making tools, from e-voting to interactive services for local debates. provides e-goverment solutions mainly around the Plone Content Management System. The PloneGov initiative brings together private companies, public sector and other interested stakeholders to collaborate in facing common problems. Plone is currently used by hundreds of websites of e-government around the world.

Unweb me can help you:

  • Build Document & Workflow Management Systems, necessary for the public sector
  • Provide Attendance tools, for efficient cooperation between citizens and the state
  • Start using electronic voting systems, where asymmetric encryption guarantees security of the system and the validity of results is mathematically verifiable has also created the platform used by the Department of Children's Rights of the Greek Ombudsman, that includes newsletters, polls, private discussion forums and chat rooms for the 400 members of the ”community of teenage consultants”.