Videoconferencing & webinars

Employ video & audio conferencing systems for direct multiuser communication. Bring your coworkers in your office, reducing costs. Implement lifelong learning policies by organizing live web seminars, webinars, where the trainers and trainees can get together regardless of their physical location.

Direct communication between collaborators increases productivity and effectiveness. Unfortunately, when the members of the team are located in different places it is not possible to stay in touch as frequently as desired due to cost restrictions. Videoconferencing systems deal with this problem offering an easy and cost effective way of communicating over the Internet as if you had your partners in the office. Also, these systems open up new possibilities in learning. You can bring together trainers and trainees, regardless of their physical location, fostering high quality lifelong learning. Joining videoconferences and webinars does not require any special software on the user's side. Simply send the conference URL to the participants and they can join in with a single click. provides:

  • Managed SaaS solutions, based on Free & Open Source software.
  • Integration with your CMS, e.g. Plone, Moodle and Drupal.
  • Audio and text messaging, for low bandwidth environments.
  • High quality video conferencing, for unlimited number of participants in high bandwidth environments.
  • Slide presentation, to get live feedback from your audience.
  • Desktop sharing between all popular operating systems, e.g. Windows, Linux and MacOS.
  • Recording of each session, for archiving and distribution.
  • Session playback in HTML5. currently offers such a solution to the World Social Forum, serving hundreds of people every month.