Add spatial properties to your data for easier access and a more engaging user experience. Take advantage of data analysis tools to discover geographic interrelations towards more effective planning and decision making.

Web GIS are all about offering fully interactive maps and geospatial processing tools to a wider audience. Integrating multimedia on top of traditional maps and allowing distributed data sources opens up new possibilities and makes content more engaging. In Web GIS it is easy to create personalized map content, share geographic information and collaborate with others. Using rich content and geospatial data analysis tools you can monitor and understand complex geographic phenomena. Based on such observations, spatial planning can be improved and decision making is more effective.


  • Develops, deploys and maintains Web GIS.
  • Emphasizes on user experience.
  • Takes security and privacy very seriously from the early steps of the project.
  • Uses mature, robust and reliable Free & Open Source software to offer customizable products.
  • Employs open standards, ensuring interoperability

Unweb.me is distinguished in this field for its novelty and ingenuity. One of our ideas, openfish.gr, has been reviewed and selected for presentation in labs.opengov.gr, an initiative of the Greek Government for introducing state of the art IT in public sector systems.